Have a different password for each of your accounts without ever having to remember or write it down!

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a different password for each of your internet accounts especially for your PayPal, banking and any accounts where your credit cards are stored.

However, I  appreciate that the average person is unable to store 100’s of different passwords in their head and we all know that writing them down in a notebook kept in a desk draw beside the computer isn’t a very secure method, so what is the answer?

This method works for me so please give it a go and improve your internet security.

  • Decide on a memorable phrase with letters and numbers – one that you will never forget so you won’t have to write it down.

Something like this: route66, beckham07, catch22, 2020vision

  • Add a capital letter and a punctuation mark – at the beginning and end is the easiest to remember but if you want to be super secure put it in the middle somewhere.


  • Now insert the first 3 (or 4) letters of the website address viewable in the address bar located at the top of your web browser page, for which you are creating the website after the first 3 (or 4) digits of your memorable phrase. E.g. Ebay password would be Rouebate66?, Amazon password Rouamate66?

And voilà! You have a different password for each of your websites for which you don’t have to remember in your head or write down. You only have to remember your phrase – know that you added a capital letter and punctuation mark and that your method is to insert the first 3 letters of the website address after the first 3 letters of your memorable phrase. After a few times it will become second nature.

Occasionally, you may have to reset a password – I then move the capital letter to the second digit etc.