At Pale September, I have chosen to work  with WordPress.com websites .

This is because I like the ease, security and peace of mind that this affords for both my clients and myself .

I can be assured of providing you with a robust website where internet security, back-up of webpages and the future proofing  of your site for devices or web browsers not yet developed is all taken care of by the Happiness Engineers at WordPress.com.

As all software updates are done automatically by WordPress.com and I will be using templates that have already been written by professional designers, it is a very cost efficient way of having a WordPress website/website.

You will own and have complete control at all times of your domain name, email account and website.


The majority of my web projects are built on WordPress.com. For clients interested in e-commerce, I design for Big Cartel. Please contact the studio if you have a specific e-commerce platform in mind, as it may be an option.

Other Services

I can also assist and advise with many other aspects of your online presence including mailing lists, logo, message boards, setting up domain names and email accounts.